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A Personal Approach

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I do not run a "catalog" bureau. Let me explain…

Too many speakers bureaus are nothing more than a listing service. They mine various speaker's sites or accept submissions and curate an inventory of speakers in various categories and a range of fees.

They seldom if ever actually know the speakers they represent––at least not most of them. In fact, very few bureau reps have actually heard most of the speakers they represent.

I know each of my speakers personally. Some have become close friends. I know their content. I know the value and quality of their work. Most of all, I know that each of the speakers I represent is reliable, flexible and great to work with––as people.

Another problem with large bureaus is that they just handle too many speakers. Their priority is often on the speakers with the largest fees. That's understandable––that's how they earn bigger commissions. But a high fee is no guarantee of a great speaker and does not assure you're getting the best speaker to help you create a successful event.

Because I handle a purposely limited number of speakers and I know them, I can match you with the best speakers for your event goals and budget. If one of my speakers doesn't match your specific needs, I'll be the first to refer you to someone else.

When I first call you, I'm not trying to sell you a speaker. My goal is to learn more about you, your organization and events and your unique needs and goals. Then and only then will I recommend speakers.

I look forward to working with you and helping you create a successful event for your organization––and a memorable experience for everyone who attends!

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