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  • Delivering World Class Customer Service: Lessons From the Mouse


Danny Snow was born into a true Disney family. He and EVERY member of his immediate family worked for Walt Disney World at some point in their careers, learning what it takes to create a loyalty-driving customer experience. Danny took the service principles he learned at Disney to his work at other organizations, quickly earning the reputation of “customer service champ.”

After earning his MBA in Business, Danny became the Director of Marketing for Snow & Associates, Inc. where he helped grow the family business from a startup into one of the top customer service speaking/training companies in the world. His role has brought him into contact with leaders of organizations around the globe, assisting them in making decisions that impact their companies’ futures.

As a speaker, Danny helps organizations achieve their goals related to customer service, employee development, and leadership. His presentations are designed to be highly entertaining, while sharing business principles that can be immediately applied.

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Danny Snow - Delivering World Class Customer Service

Danny Snow - Delivering World Class Customer Service

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you were perfect!

Staff connected with you, What a great Job. Very Much Appreciated, have a Disney Day

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